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Located in a unique agricultural setting, within the limits of Xewkija, Gozitano is continuing its efforts since the 1960's to revitalize a historically significant community and agricultural resource. As a center for sustainable, ecological ventures focused on farming, and value-added fruit and vegetable produce, Gozitano's integrated approach includes a network of farms, programmes and ventures that are restoring agricultural land, providing jobs, healthy food, and a clean, natural and sustainable environment to our community. We strive to be a replicable sustainability model for the country.

Today Gozitano consists of over 1000 farmer members of whom almost 500 are active members. In order to secure EU funding from both EU's operative programmes as well as from EU structural funds, Gozitano formed a Producers Organisation. It has since invested signficantly in machinery and equipment for the benefit of its members.

cap conference

CAP and Sustainability for the Future of European Agriculture
7th - 9th November 2008 at the Astra Astra Conference Centre, 9 Republic Street, Victoria - Gozo (Malta).

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Image 3People resident on Island of Gozo have, as a result of their isolation, always tended to develop a degree of self-sufficiency and to make hay while the sun shines. This especially regarded the provision of food. They have learnt to preserve food for the lean winter months, and to do it in a way that it retains its palatable appearance, flavour and texture, as well as its original nutritional value. And they have passed this savoir faire from one generation to the another.